Thursday, 8 April 2010

Evolution not Revolution: Chelsea in 2010/11

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After having time to reevaluate my knee jerk reaction that Chelsea's current team were finished after the Inter defeat  I am now more optimistic.  I believe that a slight change in shape and a couple of key, technically gifted signings will see Chelsea able to create a more flexible system that will allow them to once again compete with the likes of Barcelona, Inter, and Real Madrid  in 2010/11.

As can be seen I believe that this summer only two major signings are required - world class players admittedly. I have plumped for both Aguero and Di Maria to fulfill these roles respectively. First I will elaborate on my formation.

I have gone for a slightly asymmetrical 4-2-3-1 which would convert into a 4-4-1-1 during the defensive phase. I believe that Chelsea perform at their best with a variant of 4-3-3 and any major changes would not be beneficial to the team as a whole: evolution not revolution.

Defence: Cech will retain his place in goal and I would stick with the same back four with Cole providing extra width down the left supporting Malouda and Ivanovic (or Bosingwa when fit) performing a similar role to support Di Maria.

Midfield: Essien would be the nominal "defensive" midfielder but would be given license to push forward and use his dynamism. Lampard would play slightly left, as he currently does, but would perform a role more similar to his job for England where he helps to keep shape of the team with occasional bursts into the box. As he is playing alongside Essien instead of Mikel he would need to drop deep on occasions to cover for the forward runs from deep that Essien thrives on.

Attack: Further forward in my attacking four I have Malouda on the left, who is able to go both wide and provide crosses and come inside to support Aguero. Ageuro will be the sides creative "No. 10" and will be given license to play directly off Drogba, to go wide left or right or pick up the ball deep. I envisage him playing a similar role that Ancelotti had Kaka playing for Milan. On the right I have Di Maria who can provide width and pace down the right and cut in to use his stronger left foot as well as interchange with Aguero at will. All of this will provide the ammunition and movement that will allow Drogba to do the damage that he often inflicts.

Substitutes: Turnbull (GK), J Cole (Att), Carvalho (Def), Anelka (Att), Mikel (Mid), Kakuta (Att), Bruma (Def), Ballack (Mid), Sturridge (Att), Bosingwa (Def), Zhirkov (Def). With these subs and others I see enough ability to change things around throughout the season and to keep things fresh.

I strongly believe that this team and squad will have enough to challenge for major honors next season.


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